Dirty Harry

11 Mar , 2023  

Scotlands #1 Blondie Tribute finally take a trip south to visit us for the first time Dirty Harry have scored countless sellout shows throughout the UK, plus many festival appearances including ‘Rewind’. Using professional musicians. Dirty Harry always bring a premium performance.

Dirty Harry captures the rapture of Blondie and has not only the original sound, feel, attitude, and full back catalogue of the band but a look-a-like of Debbie to deliver the good stuff. Dr Sarah Kennedy is stunning as Ms Harry, backed by a group of Scotland’s finest musicians. If a recap of some of the top tunes are required, lets remind ourselves; Heart Of
Glass, Call Me, Rapture, Sunday Girl, Dreaming, Atomic, Denis, Hanging on the Telephone, Maria, One Way or


Doors: 8pm
Admission: £8 (Super Early Bird), £10 (Early Bird) & £12.50 advance. Ages 14+. Please see entry policy for info.
Tickets: Buy tickets online* or call SeeTickets on 0871 220 0260*. Alternatively, pop into The Kings Head* (over 18s only), Vinyl Cafe* or The Brickyard.

Please note, The Brickyard and our city centre outlets will only accept cash payments at this time. We also ask that any ticket queries should be directed to The Brickyard and not the local outlets.