23 Sep , 2022  


Legendary multi-vocalist, instrumentalist, live-looping pioneer and producer Beardyman is about to embark on his most ambitious project yet.

Following the release of his last single in Autumn 2019, 6am (Ready to Write) featuring Joe Rogan with it’s award-winning video by revered director Ian Pons Jewell, Beardyman will be drowning out the insane developments of 2020 with Sheer Volume.

Launching on Friday 7th February 2020, Sheer Volume will see Beardyman release 52 singles over the course of a year with accompanying videos, a weekly cross-platform live-stream and a monthly podcast.

Whilst the idea of writing, recording, producing and releasing a single along with a video every single week sounds insane and would give most artists and labels the fear, Beardyman’s realisation is it plays to his personal strengths.

In one of his first recording sessions with Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), was trying to get Beardyman to perfect a line for a hook for a song they were working on, but every time he tried to re-voice the line, Beardyman came up with a new and different idea.

Norman stopped and explained to Beardyman that he’d realised Beardyman is, in his words, “a Jazzer”, constantly thinking of new options and bored of an idea once it had been realised.

In their next recording session together Norman played beat and Beardyman voiced the entire song in one take in one take.

That one take became the global dance music phenomenon ‘Eat Sleep Rave Repeat’.



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