Paddy Steer
Jiggy Beast, The Lucid Dream DJs

28 Feb , 2020  

Manchester’s magician of analogue electronics, the Barry White of Scunthorpe and king of space jazz touches down in The Brickyard this February!

“sounds like a Swiss cuckoo clock made of egg boxes and horsehair, glued together by an African Moog player in a Vietnamese iron monger’s shop”. (Graham Massey / 808 State)

A highly versatile and anarchically intrepid creator, Paddy Steer’s live performances err more daringly and admirably on the frontier of chaotic abstraction, in a madcap joyride through lounge, romp, deep groove and furry electronic invention.

As a live entity he’s playful, visually arresting and gleefully infectious, as from behind his stacked array of instruments he gargles through a vocoder with his xylophone, all a-clatter under disco lights and doilies. It feels akin to playing and winning a computer game made from reality, to hear. He will do things to your brain!

Support comes from Jiggy Beast and The Lucid Dream DJs.


Doors: 8.00pm
Admission: £7.00 advance. Ages 14+. Please see entry policy for info.
Tickets: Buy tickets online* or call SeeTickets on 0871 220 0260*. Alternatively, pop into The Kings Head* (over 18s only), Vinyl Cafe* or The Brickyard.

Please note, The Brickyard and our city centre outlets will only accept cash payments at this time. We also ask that any ticket queries should be directed to The Brickyard and not the local outlets.