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UK Subs
No Thrills, The Meltdownz

23 Nov , 2018  

Releasing 26 albums (one for every letter of the alphabet) across a 40+ year career, the legendary UK SUBS remain one of the most respected punk bands of all time.

Many band members have come and gone in that time, but the focal point has always been iconic frontman Charlie Harper. Releasing what they claim to be their final LP, ‘Ziezo’, to critical acclaim in 2016, the band have pledged to continue touring, as Harper – now in his seventies! – shows no signs of slowing down.

Support comes from NO THRILLS and The Meltdownz.


Doors: 8pm
Admission: £12.00 advance. Ages 14+. Please see entry policy for info.
Tickets: Buy tickets online* or call SeeTickets on 0871 220 0260*. Alternatively, pop into The Kings Head* (over 18s only), Vinyl Cafe* or The Brickyard.

Please note, The Brickyard and our city centre outlets will only accept cash payments at this time. We also ask that any ticket queries should be directed to The Brickyard and not the local outlets.