Sabbotage Iommi


A tribute to Black Sabbath

11 Aug , 2018  

Sabbotage arrived on the scene in November 2014. Formed from the ashes of two established Black Sabbath Tributes (Snowblind and Blag Sabbath), immediately it was obvious that this band would become arguably the UK’s most authentic and by far the best Black Sabbath tribute.
All of the band are highly accomplished and experienced musicians sharing a great passion for early Black Sabbath in particular. This results in an unforgettable experience for all who see them perform live. For those that missed Black Sabbath in their first incarnation, this is definitely the closest you are ever likely to get to the real thing.


Doors: 8pm
Admission: £8.00 advance. Ages 14+. Please see entry policy for info.
Tickets: Buy tickets online* or call SeeTickets on 0871 220 0260*.