BY128 Launchpad 9 V1


Wearequasars, Brocken Spectre, Kveis, Little Strings

10 Mar , 2018  

Launchpad returns to bring you another taster of the best in local and up-and-coming talent! Featuring sets by:

Wearequasars – post-punk tinged indie rock trio

Brocken Spectre – lo-fi art-rock noise from Carlisle

KVEIS – Penrith-based grungey slacker-pop

Little Strings – sweet indie folk pop songs on the ukulele and piano

Poster by Cannar Creative.


Doors: 8pm
Admission: £5.00 advance. Ages 14+. Please see entry policy for info.
Tickets: Buy tickets online* or call SeeTickets on 0871 220 0260*. Alternatively, contact the bands directly.